Quick Hit: Crazy Busy

The last three days have been busy and hectic, but I’m mostly holding it together (and am vaguely satisfied by what I’ve been able to accomplish, though there’s more yet to be done than has already been finished).

In spite of all this motion, I have somehow managed to find time for baking (mostly because my neighbor keeps sending over baseball bat-sized zucchinis that I need to use before they rot on my counter).  I’ve discovered this recipe and am thrilled with it, so much so that I’ve made three batches already (baseball bats is what I’m tellin’ ya).  I made the recipe into cupcakes (I find that cupcakes are much easier to manage than loaves or cakes, and tend to be more readily eaten by friends and family.  Perhaps it’s their convenience that makes them so appealing?  No plate required?) and have discovered that just the tiniest bit of Nutella swiped on just before consumption makes them even better (I mean, really; this doesn’t surprise you at all, does it?).  Also, I’m DYING to try this recipe.  Bacon jam?!  Sign me up!

Also?  I need minions.

image credit

So much the better if they can do some light housekeeping.



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10 responses to “Quick Hit: Crazy Busy

  1. improbablejoe

    Bacon pretty much always sounds like a good idea to me.

  2. Rowan

    Another great way to use large zucchini is to make zucchini rellenos.

    Cut in 3″-4″ chunks, core the center, stuff and bake. Yummy. There is probably a recipe somewhere but basically it’s like chile rellenos but using zucchini instead of chiles. Really good.

  3. needsatimeout

    so sad I am allergic to zucchini and no it’s not the “allergic” kind the kids say when they don’t want to try something. My lips blow up nice and big. Once my mom forgot and so did I and I ate zucchini bread for christmas moring . My lips started to tingle and I spent the rest of the day joking with my mom that she tried to poison me.
    I miss zucchini

  4. Where were those minions yesterday, when the guy who fixed my ceiling left my dining room and kitchen a disaster area?? I would have giggled my ass off watching them do what I did myself to set things back to rights! 😉

  5. BTW, pictures of baseball bat-sized zucchini would be awesome!

  6. Zucchini is on my list of non-food items people seem to eat, like unto rhubarb.

  7. another sue

    And you know if you run short on time you can grind the zucchini up, food processor or what have you, bag it and toss it in the freezer for winter baked treats. It will thaw soggy. Just wring it out – much as you would wring moisture out of frozen spinach – and proceed. No need to blanch. Enjoy!

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