Quick Hit: It’s Raining

I really don’t expect much to be left of Irene by the time she gets to me, but I’ll be blogging regular updates for as long as I’m able – from the computer while I’ve got power; from the phone afterward.

There’s practically nothing to report at the moment.  The rain has started, but it’s a light, summer-evening drizzle with nothing to portend the fury that’s spawning it.  In fact, Bean said that, if she didn’t know a hurricane was coming, she’d think nothing of this weather.  My intellect agrees with her, but my arthritis begs to differ.

If Mr. Chili were home, my motto for this storm would be “dug in, battened down, and liquored up” but, sadly, I have to be the responsible grown-up in the house.  That doesn’t mean, however, that tomorrow won’t be spent entirely in pajamas, happily snacking and watching movies until the power goes out.

Watch this space!



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3 responses to “Quick Hit: It’s Raining

  1. Laurie B

    Hang in ther Kiddo. What else can you do? By Monday, Irene will be a just bit of energy to deal with. We’re doing the same here, computer while we have it and some good books in the day light hours. Comfy pilows and nice darknes to fall sleep in, sounds good to me.

  2. rantingwoman

    We have lots and lots of rain, plenty of wind but no water in basement and electricity. It will be a good day to do some badly needed cleaning.

  3. improbablejoe

    Don’t worry, I’m liquored up for the both of us. 🙂

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