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Quick Hit: FINALLY!

The lights are back on at Chez Chili!  Could you hear my sigh of relief from where you are?  Now pardon me while I go wrestle the fridge back into its cubby; I had to wiggle it out to get to the plug yesterday when the power went out…


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Quick Hit: Still Out

Dammit!  The power is STILL out at Chez Chili.  I wouldn’t be upset – I mean, there are plenty of other people who got it far worse than we did – but I can’t figure out WHY we’re without power.  There are no downed lines, there are no trees across poles, there’s nothing at all to indicate that the power should be out.  What’s even more fun is that, two streets down, the lights are on.  I’m posting this from school where, you guessed it, the lights are on.  WTF?!

The generator is still running the fridge, but I’ve got the main back on at the breaker box so I’ll know when the power goes back online.  My wish is that it will be back on when I get home tonight.

More later!


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