Ten Things Tuesday

Ten insignificant little things that make me happy:

1.  Peaches so juicy you have to eat them over the sink.

2.  Roasted garlic paste.  Along with that, the smell of garlic in my house (and on my fingers) when I make it.

3.  New school/office supplies.

4.  Skorts.

5.  Students who make me laugh.

6.  My car.

7.  Hot water in the shower in the morning.

8.  Greek yogurt.

9.  Houseplants.

10.  Angry Birds.

Notice there’s nothing earth-shattering or important about any of these things; of course my family and my friends are what matter most to me, but these little pleasures infuse a nice glow of contentment to my day-to-day.

What little things make you happy?



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7 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. improbablejoe

    Crap, every little thing makes me happy. Did I mention that the guy at the liquor store gave me a free small bottle of really nice gin? Random acts of kindness from relative strangers are ALWAYS something that makes me happy.

    Greek yogurt isn’t bad either… I make tzatziki out of it, and that stuff goes on almost anything. 🙂

  2. I really stink at Angry Birds. But I rock at 7 Words.

  3. Elizabeth

    I always get excited for my school supplies when they come in (the ones I order through school right after the new year). Opening the boxes is like Christmas in a small way. I am such a geek.

    I also like a glass of red wine on the first day back at school (with students). It is awesome to look at the index cards of interests and do a little planning in the early evening.

  4. Joe, isn’t that the same guy who turned you on to an especially yummy beer not too long ago?

    I am not the greatest at Angry Birds, Kwizgiver, but it’s become my new Tetris; mindless entertainment to unplug.

    Elizabeth, I’m all about the new pens, the new whiteboard erasers, and the new, fresh notebooks. I’m especially fond of the top-bound spiral numbers.

    • improbablejoe

      No Chili-baby, two different people. I spread my local money around. I get my beer from a local gas station/convenience store with the best beer & wine selection I’ve ever seen, and my liquor purchases from a local place that also has a tiny bar attached.

  5. Two other really good (imho, anyway) time-wasting games for smartphones or tablets are Hungry Sharks and Stupid Zombies.

    Tonks, in particular, would probably like Stupid Zombies. 🙂

  6. needsatimeout

    having exact change

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