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Quick Hit: More Labels

According to this nifty little chart, I’m an agnostic humanist with existentialist leanings.

That sounds about right.


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Ten Things Tuesday

Mr. Chili is nearly 3,000 miles away in the broad stretch of nothingness that is the far reaches of New Mexico (go here to peek in on what’s happening in the lab.  It’s not riveting t.v., but it’s sometimes fun, in a voyeuristic sort of way*).  Here, then, are ten things I do when my husband isn’t around.

1.  I lock ALL the doors.  Stupid, I know, but I make sure that all the doors are locked and the bulkhead access to the basement is bolted down before I go to bed.  Not that the risk of a home invasion is any greater when he’s gone, but still…

2.  I eat all the things he doesn’t love.  Garlic and onions, mostly (I had roasted garlic and caramelized onion Boboli pizza the other day, in fact).  He doesn’t like the way these things smell in the house, and I’m not crazy about the way these things smell in me, but I don’t have to worry about bad breath when I’m not planning on smooching anyone, do I?

3.  I take out the garbage.  That’s a Mr. Chili job when he’s around; when he’s not, it’s something I do.

4.  I watch a lot less t.v.  Mr. Chili relaxes in front of the t.v.; I tend to do my zoning in front of facebook or pinterest, but I like to watch t.v. to be with him.  As a consequence of his being gone, our TiVo is getting pretty stocked.

5.  I sleep kind of diagonal on the bed.  My neighbor warns me not to do this (her husband is an airline pilot and is away a LOT) because it just makes for a tough readjustment when the sleeping buddy returns, so I’ve started putting a pillow where Mr. Chili would be and just sleeping up against that.

6.  I pick Punkin’ up from band practice.  It doesn’t end until 9 at night, this band practice, and I’m usually in my jammies (and sometimes in bed) by then, so I send Mr. Chili to go and retrieve the girl.  When he’s not around, I have to pick her up (and I often do so in my jammies.  Don’t tell anyone.)  Also?  I go to open houses and teacher meetings alone (but not in my jammies).

7.  I do a a lot less laundry.  You’d think this would be a consequence of having one fewer person in the house, but the truth is that I don’t do as much laundry when he’s away because he’s the one who moves the clothes through the machines; I fold it and put it away.  If it’s not being run, it’s not getting folded and put away.  I should probably venture into the basement to see what’s what down there.

8.  I bug the girls about homework and chores.  When he’s home, Mr. Chili is usually the one who gets on the girls about their responsibilities.  When he’s gone, I pick up that mantle.

9.  I read more.  See item #4.

10.  I miss him.  Duh, right?  but hear me out.  As you can see from this list, there’s really nothing significant about my life that’s different when my husband’s away.  The girls are mostly self-sufficient, so I don’t have to take on any extra “single parent” kind of things when I’m alone.  We share a lot of the housekeeping, but even that’s not a huge burden.  The thing is, though, I FEEL different when he’s away.  I can go all day without seeing or talking to him when he’s working down the street, but somehow the knowledge that he’s just down the street makes a huge difference.  Knowing that I can’t get to him in 7 minutes, or that he’s not going to come home at 6:00 weighs on me.  I miss him more when I know he’s away, and that throws all my energy off.  Blah.

*For some reason, the live webcam feed hasn’t been working the last two days.  Keep checking in, though: Mr. Chili said he’s going to tell the guy who works the thing about the problem, so it should be up again soon…


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