Quick Hit: Non-Stop

You guys!  It’s past 11:00 and I’m just now getting to my blog.  I’ve been flat out since 6:00 this morning.  Nevermind that it’s something like two hours past my bedtime!  Yikes.

I’m going down.  I’ll write something tomorrow.


The calendar says we’ve got a little bit before it’s officially autumn.  I say it never got above 70 degrees today and it’s going into the high 30s and low 40s tonight, and that makes it official regardless of what the calendar says.



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3 responses to “Quick Hit: Non-Stop

  1. Laurie B

    Oh yeah, it’s the second day but the first night that our part of the world has felt like Autumn. A friend up in the hilltowns had a 35 on her thermometer this morning and was spending this evening covering the massive garden with tarps, sheets, blankets and whatever else they could find.

    The end of September might seem so very far away, but the season is changing and Mr Chili will be home before the snow flies, I hope. Hang in there, hope you can have some down time this weekend.

  2. It felt like Fall here too.

  3. I love autumn but it does seem to be coming awfully fast this year.

    Hope you get some relaxation time this weekend. xo

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