Quick Hit: Oh, Yeah

Cake batter martini.  No; really:

(that’s a shitty picture – sorry – our cast, from left to right, are Godiva white chocolate liquor, amaretto, Pinnacle cake flavored vodka (the original recipe calls for whipped cream flavored, but I thought the cake would be nicer), and creme de cacao.  The only other player is an ounce of heavy cream, which I subbed out with half-and-half because it’s what I had)

I got the recipe from this blog, after I was intrigued when someone put a picture from it up on Pinterest.  I didn’t do the whole frosting-and-sprinkles rim thing – I wasn’t trying to impress anyone – but it’s delicious without them.  When I make it again (and I WILL make it again), I think I’ll try flipping the Godiva white chocolate liquor and amaretto amounts; I found the amaretto a bit too strong.  Even with that, though, this was a total success.




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8 responses to “Quick Hit: Oh, Yeah

  1. Ummmm…

    I would make fun, except I just made a drink out of Scotch, Baileys, Kahlua, butterscotch schnapps, and Yoohoo. Actually not too bad, all things considered.

  2. Laurie B

    If I liked desserts I would try this. It should be yummy with all of that goodness in it, but it’d be a little too sweet for me. So, I guess that means you can have the one I would have tried!

  3. Did you know that the Godiva liqueur has been discontinued? I like it in my Sunday morning coffee, only we couldn’t buy any more this past week. There is still some flavors available through some distributors, but there won’t be any new Godiva on the market. This made me incredibly sad! Enjoy your Godiva while it lasts!

    • Are you SERIOUS!? That is the fucking STORY of my LIFE?! WHAT THE HELL, People?! Mrs. Chili likes something… QUICK! Let’s DISCONTINUE IT!! GAH!

      Seriously, I have a list of about 8 things that I love that have been discontinued in the last ten years. Granted, most of the list is health and beauty products (I was pissed when Bath and Body Works discontinued their Crystal Blue Waters scent), and I’m campaigning for my grocery store to carry some products; they’re not discontinued, they’re just not in the stores that are convenient to me, but the effect is the same.

      What’s UP with that?!

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. Almay used to have this Bright Eyes line. I loved it, especially when I worked long hours for the trucking company. Their eye shadow always brightened up my eyes enough that you wouldn’t notice the dark circles, and I wouldn’t have to use concealer to detract from them. I’ve pretty much stopped wearing makeup since then. But as a farmer, why would I need to, right?

  4. Dude, no shit. I ALMOST sent some home with Bart the other night.

    You know where I live…..

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