Quick Hit: How Can This be Happening?

Hat tip to JoeMyGod

How is this not assault?  What, exactly, were these women doing that constituted such a threat that the police felt justified in their use of that kind of force?

I despair.



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5 responses to “Quick Hit: How Can This be Happening?

  1. We’re living in an increasingly right-wing totalitarian state, what do you expect?

  2. When Corporations wield the police and military power of the state – and when corporatists make fiscal, legislative, and judicial policy – then it is fascism.

  3. Laurie B

    Here we are, facism, in the USA. It’s only going to get worse, we are living in the police state and wether we as individuals speak up or don’t, we will each have been minimalized as individuals and be either beaten up or moved to the “no fly” list.

    I’m a “large busted” woman. Flying home from Idaho recently I went through the full telemetry scanner, as in, I’ve got no secrets type of scan. Walking out the otherside I was subjected to a pat down, basically a boob search. WTF?

    Women by and large are not a threat to anybody. I saw women in veils and men sporting turbans getting onto the same flight. They got a pass and somebody decided my boobs were dangerous? Only in America.

  4. Laurie B

    Watching this video, really? Are any of us in a place of wanting to question or challenge authority? Perhaps so, if we want to be beat up and placed in the”no fly” catagory. We are living in a police state. Hello police state, goodbye to the right to gather, sorry. I don’t speak German. Our civil rights have been sold down river to a party that likes it that way. Homeland security? Police state. In charge, don’t challenge, and, get this, they are now all federal employees, yup, job creation at it’s best.

    Hey, here’s an idea. Why not give every American adult $1 Million to spend on something other than war? It would cost less than this stupid war overseas and would return some financial worth to the economy of the USA. Just saying.

    If I had a million, I would, and can only hope, that people would hire other people to do something meaningful.The wheels on the bus, they keep rolling. Really, One million per person, cheaper than the war budget. One million, what would you do? First of all, I’d pay my taxes, so long as exxon and Mobile and any other of corporations pay as much and as well. I’d be happy to pay my share. Then, I’d spend a bunch on my local library, if you can read and have access to books, you can do anything. Then, I’d hire local friends to do some much neded work on this place and they would hire friends to help them do that. Now that is a cycle of benefit and employment.

    I’ve booked some flights and reservations, any wagers about my actually getting to fly anywhere? Me and my big boobs are a threat after all…I think I’m small fry here but still, I’ve posted and make some sense. Big Brother and Police state, go figure.

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