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Quick Hit: Goldman Sachs Rules the World

Blink…. blink….

Has it really come to this?  The sharks are clearly circling



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Quick Hit: The Difference

Hmmmmm.  Republican/Tea Party crowds applaud Perry’s execution record, endorse the idea that we should let the uninsured die, and boo a gay service member and no one, either in the crowd or at the podium, stands up against them.

Democratic/Liberal crowd shouts down and drowns out a crazy in their midst, and the President expresses concern that the man left his jacket and wants to see it safely returned to him.



Kinda makes you think, doesn’t it?


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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten “First World” problems:

1.  Paper or plastic?

2.  In which school do we enroll the kids?

3.  Where should we vacation this year?

4.  Cable or satellite?

5.  How do I choose a doctor who’s right for me?

6.  Generic or name brand?

7.  Rent or own?

8.  Mac or PC?

9.  “Would you prefer the chicken or the beef?”

10.  Do I hire a kid, or mow the lawn myself?


Let us also pause to consider, please, that, for far too many of our own neighbors and countrymen, even these are too much to hope for.


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