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Wordy Wednesday: Outing Myself

I try to maintain at least a modicum of anonymity, but I feel strongly enough about this that I’m willing to reveal a detail about me that I’ve heretofore obscured.

I live in New Hampshire.  Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee sent a bill to the House of Representatives that seeks to overturn New Hampshire’s marriage equality.

Needless to say, I find this utterly, completely, totally fucking unacceptable.

Today, I wrote this to my “representatives” today (“representatives” is in quotes because, let’s be honest, they don’t actually represent me; if they did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation now, would we?).  I don’t expect it to do any real good, but you know that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.  I plan on marching, on writing and calling more people, and on testifying if the opportunity ever presents itself.  I will not let this go down without a fight.

My name is Mrs. Chili and I am a resident of Small Coastal City.  I am also a mother, a teacher, and a passionate defender of civil rights and equality.  I am writing to you in support of marriage equality in New Hampshire, and to ask that you vote against limiting the definition of marriage in our state.

I do not understand what drives people to wish to limit the rights of our friends, family, and neighbors – our fellow citizens.  There are so many pressing issues that concern us now that it feels both foolish and blatantly mean-spirited to be spending this much energy and time arguing about marriage equality.

Since New Hampshire legalized same-sex marriage, our state has not suffered any ill-effects.  None of the doomsday predictions of the religious right or the neoconservatives has come to pass, here or anywhere else that marriage equality is law.  Our gay citizens were allowed to wed, just like everyone else; nothing more, nothing less.  Exactly who benefits by rescinding rights and limiting freedoms?  From whence does the motivation to press this issue come?

A poll completed in February by the University of New Hampshire shows that there is little support for a repeal of same-sex marriage.  If you vote to deny marriage equality in New Hampshire, you will not be representing me or my family or my friends and, as the UNH poll suggests, you would not be representing a significant portion of citizens in the state, either.

Stand up for what’s right and good.  Stand up for the people of this state who demand equality for themselves and for their families, friends, and neighbors.  Defend New Hampshire’s marriage equality.


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Wordy Wednesday

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