Quick Hit: Unity

When we figure out that we are all the same, when we stop creating artificial boundaries between us, when we learn to see ourselves in the plight of others and decide that it is not in our best interests to think of one another as separate from ourselves, we will finally understand what it means to be truly human.

Don’t afraid.  Go ahead.



Filed under admiration, celebration, compassion and connection

3 responses to “Quick Hit: Unity

  1. I think we are headed in that direction.

  2. I need some of that faith, SW. Sometimes, I think we’re bolting headlong in the opposite direction.

  3. I think there is great effort at the moment by the people in power to polarize the 99% because if the 99% ever stop fighting against each other, the grasshoppers are finished.

    You know you can always borrow a cup of faith from me anytime. =)

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