Ten Things Tuesday

Thanks to Kizz for the inspiration.

Ten things I would do if I won the lottery:

1.  Create a foundation through which all of the money would be managed.

2.  Set aside funds sufficient to pay for the college educations of my daughters and my Bowyer nephews.

3.  Set up a foundation for Charter High School, and hire someone to make sure those funds are spent efficiently and ethically (in other words, keep the board out of it).

4.  Buy a piece of lakefront property for my husband.  All his life, Mr. Chili has wanted to live at the lake – at least for part of the year – and I have always wanted to be able to do that for him.

5.  Send a check to an Occupy movement to buy supplies they need to overwinter outdoors.

6.  Sponsor a scholarship for a number of students to Local U.

7.  Pay off our mortgage – and maybe our friends’ mortgages.

8.  Endow our local hospice, our local homeless shelter, our local Planned Parenthood chapter, and our local child services center.

9.  Take a trip – perhaps a months’ long exploration of Europe.

10.  Stop worrying.


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