Ten Things Tuesday

Mrs. Chili is ALL wound up about some of the dumbfuckery she’s seeing in the world right now (REALLY, People? REALLY?!), so let’s do a Ten Things list of happy things, shall we?

1. Thanksgiving dinner is at Auntie L’s house this year. We’re looking forward to the good food, the permissive attitude about football watching, and the not being at the in-laws’.

2. I’m done with school until next Monday. I’ve managed to get through all my high school grading and most of my college grading. My plan is to finish that tomorrow and not have to think about work for three days.

3. Mr. Chili and I got new iPhone 4-esses (how does one make the letter S a plural?) last week. I discovered the “talk to text” feature this afternoon. I can get Siri to read my texts and I can reply with my voice. LOVE that.

4. I made stuffed shells the other night. Good Goddess, but I’m great in the kitchen!

5. The Help comes out on DVD on December 6th. I’m planning to buy it as soon as it hits the shelves and show it to my senior class the next day we meet (which will be the 10th – my English IV meets on Tuesday and Thursday). They’ve done such a great job with the novel that I feel like the movie will be both a good treat and another way of looking at the story.

6. At the end of school this afternoon, I asked the entire community to tell what their favorite part of Thanksgiving is. The answers ranged from “cranberry sauce” to “food – nap – food” to “thanksgiving sandwiches” to “my crazy, drunk aunt.” I imagine we’re going to have some fun seeing each other again on Monday and sharing crazy stories.

7. I’m kind of digging Facebook right now.

8. We’re going to visit my grandparents tomorrow. It’s been a shamefully long time since we’ve seen them, and though I know they love me – and they know I love them – I still feel a little bad when too much time goes by. It will be good to wrap my arms around them again.

9. I love my heated seats.

10. So far, so good with the bank switch. I’m still working on getting all the electronic transfers, well, transferred, but the big ones – the mortgage, the credit card, and the car payment – all came out of the new account on schedule, and direct deposits are going in as they should. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought, and even if I made no practical difference by moving my money, it made me feel good to do it.



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5 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Moving your money made a difference, Mrs. Chili. On NPR I heard that 650,000 people closed accounts among the top banks in the month of October – the largest such mass money migration in the history of the banking industry, and it was worth Billions of dollars. The top banks are certainly feeling that pinch.

  2. Whoops, don’t know what happened to my ID

  3. Your list made me happy. Especially #2. I can truly relate to it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. It’s actually one of my least favorite celebratory days, I’m not exactly sure why.

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