Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Let’s all be careful in the kitchen tomorrow, shall we?



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9 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Improbable Joe

    Everything gets cooked at 450 degrees for two hours in my house. Unless it is extra big, in which case I jack the heat up to 500. 🙂

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! See?! THAT’S why, when t’giving is at the MIL’s house, *I* end up doing all the damned cooking! I’m SO glad we’re at Auntie L’s tomorrow; I can focus on football and drinking!

  3. Improbable Joe

    It certainly explains why my biscuits don’t turn out…

    My wife and I are alone for the holiday, so we’re going simple: a turkey breast, stuffing, fresh-made cranberry sauce, and a can of corn. Maybe some corn muffins, but that’s it. No turducken, no ham, no 19 kinds of casserole.

  4. In ’09, I came down with what my doc was reasonably sure was a case of the swine flu that had been going around that year. I made the decision NOT to go to the family t’giving fete because there are old people there and I’d like not to be blamed for killing anyone, you know?

    We did the same thing – a small, low-pressure dinner (I had cranberry sauce and crescent rolls out of the can and, I believe, instant stuffing), but we didn’t care. In fact, despite feeling kinda nasty all day, it may have been one of the best t’givings we’d had in a long while.

  5. Improbable Joe

    Are you going to see The Muppets? I’m 3/4s of the way to talking myself into seeing it this weekend.

  6. Laurie B

    Looking forward to shared cooking time with my sister and our Mom on Thursday, turkey is too much and none of us really like it. Chicken Cordon Bleu and happy apps and fixings. It’ll be nice and low keyed.

    After that, we’re off to Rochester NY for time with the BEW’s sibs and their kids and grandkids for our T’giving get together on Saturday. Six kids under age 7, 5 of them are boys. It’ll be fun but it will be loud. We figured that bringing Jello shots for the kids is most probably illegal, so we are bringing the good old Twister game. The Grands and Great Aunts are fine with watching.

    It’ll be great to share the time with all of them, we were overseas last year for the American holiday and Christmas, so have been too long gone from home and family.

    Happy “thank-filled day” to all. It’s great time for me to take the time to think and cogitate about what is good in my life and just what I can really work on to make my actions support my intent*. That little bit right there is a mighty good thing to understand and work with. Actions supporting intent, well, Mrs.Chili, you are one of my role models there.

    *Thanks to my teacher’s teacher, Jan Parker, for that bit of absolute wisdom.

    Travel well and get home safe and sound, OK?

  7. My time in the kitchen is mostly cleaning up after dinner. So far, I haven’t injured myself doing that. How much “injury” I get eating the feast, I shudder to think (and, of course, I’m referring here to quantity, not quality). I did enjoy my accustomed stint yesterday turning the handle on the apple musher to make homemade applesauce. A word of advice, if at all possible, use McIntosh apples for your applesauce.

  8. needsatimeout

    oh thank you so much for the laugh tonight, My husband and I are already home from a very quiet Thanksgiving at my parents and I really needed the laugh.

    We had a great time with my parents but I am feeling a little lonely and my mind is full of stuff that shouldn’t be in my mind today.

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