Quick Hit: Stepping Back


Someone I know (and, for as much as I fucking hate to admit it right now, someone I love) is doing something profoundly stupid and destructive and wrong.  He’s decided to divorce his wife of more than 17 years to marry his girlfriend of 2 years so she can get a green card and stay in the country.

I cannot begin to say how fiercely this goes against everything I think is good or right, and I hate that someone I love can behave like someone I would never associate with under any circumstances.  Even though this whole thing has nothing to do with me (beyond my affection for both him (asshole!) and his wife who, it should be noted, has been almost ethereally patient and reasonable about all of this), yet I can barely bring myself to think about him right now.

I will not be extending my usual invitation to Christmas this year to him, because I’ve already extended the invitation to his soon-to-be ex-wife.  As circumstance would have it, I met her for coffee this morning and mentioned the invitation – my intention was to invite him this afternoon after I finished my housekeeping.  She just called me to give me the news that she just got 10 minutes ago.  So much for that idea.




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4 responses to “Quick Hit: Stepping Back

  1. Donna

    Mrs. Chili,

    Hopefully, you can comfort your friend, the ex-wife in the best way you know how. Try to include her in your activities during this difficult time, especially the holiday season. She must be feeling so excluded, not to mention everything else.

  2. Breakups are so hard . . . I know, I recently went through a very painful one. It’s almost like a death with the stages of grief. Unfortunately, friends are often (and rightly so) forced to choose with whom to remain friends. Several of my ex-girlfriend’s friends no longer speak to her and are still friends with me – this isn’t something I encouraged or requested, it’s just the nature of her actions and behavior through the breakup. Holidays are particularly difficult as well – last year was the loneliest Christmas season I ever had and this year isn’t going to be much of a picnic either. Be there for the wronged party and be comforting.

  3. Sounds like the male friend in question is being played. I suppose only time will tell.

  4. Kagan Alexander

    I can practically feel karma setting up for this one, too, Gerry…

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