How to be Un-American

Yeah, this guy’s got it knocked.

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So, it seems that Bill Looman has decided that he’s not going to hire anyone until Obama is out of office.


Look, we can bicker all we want about policy and procedure and what we think would be the ideal situation, but let’s, just for a second please, all be grown-ups about this, shall we?  I have yet to hear this man point to one concrete thing that the current administration has done that has negatively affected him, and believe me, I’ve looked around for it (I even went to his facebook page).  He can’t say “because of this demonstrable, actual, real thing that has been implemented or enforced, my business has taken a demonstrable, actual, real hit.”  He’s just another idiot parroting the Fox talking points, and his behavior – tantamount to “I’m taking my ball and going home because I don’t like the opposing team’s uniforms” – is directly and fantastically opposed to anything that decent people would consider reasonable, never mind patriotic, particularly in this economic climate.

It may well be that Mr. Looman can’t afford to hire anyone right now.  It may well be that, in his neck of Georgia, there really IS less work to be had and fewer contracts to be made because of the economy.  It could also be that he has reached a point in his business where he doesn’t NEED to hire anyone else; he may have exactly as much labor as he needs to fulfill his contracts.  That’s fine; but to make the childish, ignorant, and frankly stupid move to say that he WON’T hire anyone else just to spite the President smacks of the same kind of anti-American sentiment that I suspect he and his ilk love to accuse me and my ilk of harboring.

Even at what I considered the height of the Bush nonsense, I still desperately wished that the President would do well, that he would make good and reasonable choices and decisions, and that he would earn the respect of the rest of the world; I genuinely did.  I complained bitterly when he didn’t do (any) of those things, but I still wished him well.  That the stated objective of the GOP is to make Obama a one-term president should tell us something important about the way these people are thinking.  They’re not interested in seeing you or I do well.  They don’t want the economy to get better – at least, not until one of them is in the White House and can claim credit for it (the discussion about how much control a single person has over the economy of a nation is best left aside for the moment, as is the fact that the Republican controlled Congress, who were elected on a platform of jobs, have done zip-point-shit in the way of jobs legislation).  Don’t try to tell me that you love this country more than I do, but that you’re willing to let it go to hell – and in fact take steps to assure the trip –  before you’ll see this President re-elected.  Anyone who believes that is not worthy of our time, our energy, or our respect.



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7 responses to “How to be Un-American

  1. Improbable Joe

    Praise Thor!

    The truth is that there is a rather large minority of Americans who really kind of hate America. They love some sort of alternate reality version of America that doesn’t exist, has never existed, and cannot possibly ever exist. And because reality doesn’t conform to their fantasy, they not only hate America, they hate most of their fellow Americans from the president on down. They hate the media because it reports things they don’t like. They hate public education because facts don’t conform to their lies. They hate democracy, because people can vote for someone they don’t approve of.

    And then they wrap themselves in the flag and call the rest of us unpatriotic.

  2. It’s the “R” word, plailn and simple.

  3. Kagan Alexander

    Ricochet, don’t you know? It doesn’t matter what the FACTS say! He’s decided it’s Obama’s fault so, gosh darnit, it’s Obama’s fault!

    I wonder, if (God forbid!) a Republican makes it into office, if someone will go and interview this yahoo again to see how much of a magical difference that makes in his life.

  4. Kagan, he’ll just have some other issue with some person of color.

  5. Actually, Gerry, that’s kind of where I was going with my “other team’s uniform” comment…

  6. Improbable Joe

    I know I’ve gotten crap here in the past for my criticism of Obama in the past, but at least I’m consistent about it. I spent 8 years complaining about right-wing anti-American bullshit when Bush was in office… and I didn’t start making excuses for carrying on much of the same bullshit when a Democrat took the White House. Obama used RomneyCare and Gingrich’s 1990’s healthcare ideas to craft his own policy. Republicans loved it when Republican politicians proposed those ideas, and hated them when Obama took the same Republican stance. I thought the ideas were poor when Republicans proposed them, and didn’t compromise my principles or contort my brain into twisty knots to justify them so that I could support my “team”. My “team” is America, my principles and values are solid and well-reasoned, and they don’t shift back and forth depending on who is in charge.

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