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Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things.  Just things…

1.  It’s freakishly warm for the end of November.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but it bears notice.  I hope it doesn’t portend a hellish winter.

2.  I’m kind of loving my new iPhone.  I didn’t think that the upgrade would be that big a deal, but I’m finding that I really like some of the new features.

3.  I can see the light at the end of my Local U. tunnel.  I’m looking forward to getting through it.

4.  I really need to get my act together in terms of holiday gift plans.  I have some far-flung people to whom I send gifts from Stonewall Kitchen, and I need to get that ordered.  I am planning on doing a lot of cooking and baking this year for gifts, and I need to narrow down my recipe choices in the next few days.

5.  I’ve retained the services of a friend of Auntie’s for our Christmas picture this year.  This woman took some lovely photos of the girls while Mr. Chili and I were in Bermuda (the resulting album was our anniversary gift from our daughters and Auntie and the Girl).  I want her to come over when we’ve got our tree set up, so we should do that in the next two weeks or so.

6.  We got an invite to a really nice private tree farm for our tree this year.  We got into this place last year through our neighbor (who is a regular invitee), but our name made it onto the guest list this year.  I’m looking forward to it – last year, we had a terrible time picking from among the all near-perfect trees.

7.  Oh, my GOD!  I’m LOVING Sons of Anarchy right now.  I’m going to be SO sad when this season ends; it’s been a WILD ride!

8.  While watching an episode of Sons, we came across a commercial for the next season of Justified.  I’m looking forward to that, too!  (According to the ad, it starts up again in January)

9.  I need to get my oil changed.  I think, when I do, I’m going to buy a couple of oil changes and interior detailing for christmas gifts.  My in-laws could use them, and they would meet my “buy local” demand.

10.  I’ve begun re-reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in anticipation of seeing the film.  I have it in paper, but I also bought the ebook; I’m finding that I really prefer to read ebooks in bed.


Happy Tuesday!


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