Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things.  Just things…

1.  It’s freakishly warm for the end of November.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you, but it bears notice.  I hope it doesn’t portend a hellish winter.

2.  I’m kind of loving my new iPhone.  I didn’t think that the upgrade would be that big a deal, but I’m finding that I really like some of the new features.

3.  I can see the light at the end of my Local U. tunnel.  I’m looking forward to getting through it.

4.  I really need to get my act together in terms of holiday gift plans.  I have some far-flung people to whom I send gifts from Stonewall Kitchen, and I need to get that ordered.  I am planning on doing a lot of cooking and baking this year for gifts, and I need to narrow down my recipe choices in the next few days.

5.  I’ve retained the services of a friend of Auntie’s for our Christmas picture this year.  This woman took some lovely photos of the girls while Mr. Chili and I were in Bermuda (the resulting album was our anniversary gift from our daughters and Auntie and the Girl).  I want her to come over when we’ve got our tree set up, so we should do that in the next two weeks or so.

6.  We got an invite to a really nice private tree farm for our tree this year.  We got into this place last year through our neighbor (who is a regular invitee), but our name made it onto the guest list this year.  I’m looking forward to it – last year, we had a terrible time picking from among the all near-perfect trees.

7.  Oh, my GOD!  I’m LOVING Sons of Anarchy right now.  I’m going to be SO sad when this season ends; it’s been a WILD ride!

8.  While watching an episode of Sons, we came across a commercial for the next season of Justified.  I’m looking forward to that, too!  (According to the ad, it starts up again in January)

9.  I need to get my oil changed.  I think, when I do, I’m going to buy a couple of oil changes and interior detailing for christmas gifts.  My in-laws could use them, and they would meet my “buy local” demand.

10.  I’ve begun re-reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in anticipation of seeing the film.  I have it in paper, but I also bought the ebook; I’m finding that I really prefer to read ebooks in bed.


Happy Tuesday!



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17 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. JANUARY 17!!

    Also, see the original language version of the movie before you see the American version. ‘Tis fantastic.

  2. I think the American movie is going to have to be pretty stupendous to be as good as the Swedish film. If any actor can make me forget Noomi Rapace, I’d be very surprised.

  3. BB_FAN

    I am always delighted and amazed at how many people who claim to be neither Christian nor “religious” in general still celebrate the birth of Christ.

  4. I prefer reading in bed with my e-reader, too. I find I don’t shy away from longer books anymore, either.

  5. I love Sons of Anarchy also, Mrs. Chili. I won’t start this season until it’s over though, because I want to do the whole thing in one marathon session.

  6. Christ has nothing to do with my celebrations, BB, beyond the fact that those same letters appear in the name that I call it.

    Rick, I’ve REFUSED to delete ANY of the shows so far; my plan is to watch them all again when I’ve gotten to the end. Have you seen the show from the beginning? If not, I HIGHLY recommend it; it was a rush from episode one.

  7. I have watched it from the beginning. FX has a winner lineup – I’ve loved Rescue Me, Justified, Sons of Anarchy, and now American Horror Story.

  8. I’ve been banking American Horror Story. Mr. Chili and I watched the first couple of episodes, but he didn’t like it. I never asked TiVo to stop picking it up, though, so I still have them. I’ll start watching them when he’s not around.

    • Improbable Joe

      Wow… that show is terrible and somehow wonderful at the same time. Unlike “The Walking Dead” which is just sort of crap.

  9. Improbable Joe

    BB, I celebrate presents and family and good food.

    Do you celebrate the pagan fertility goddess Ēostre’s spring holiday, Easter?

  10. BB_FAN

    If you do open your presents or do anything special on December 25, your are celebrating Christmas. Now go watch “Its a Charlie Brown Christmas.”

    And no Joe, I don’t. Sorry but I can’t help it of the early church picked days so us Christians could do something when everybody was too.

    • Improbable Joe

      Then why do you think we’re celebrating anything to do with Jesus? Other than you know better and were just being a dishonest jerk? I know you believe a collection of stupid lies, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a liar.

  11. Oh BB, your definition is pitifully juvenile and needs a lot of work. It’s so full of Fallacy that I could spend all night just saying, “If you eat food on __________ then you are celebrating ___________” and fill in the blanks with every date on the calendar. phhhht.

  12. Don’t poke him, Gentlemen; he’s TRYING to get a rise out of us. I’m not biting.

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