Quick Hit: Trial Run

I made this fudge recipe this afternoon (well, to be clear, I made the third variant on the list of three recipes on that page).  It was very, very easy, and came out with both a sublimely rich flavor and a lovely texture.  My only complaint is that it needed to set up in the fridge; it was gooey after having cooled on the counter.

I’m working my way through a bunch of recipes I’m considering giving as gifts this year.  The fudge is one of them, followed by English toffee (which I’ve made before, but it’s been a long time), oreo truffles (which one of my (academic) babies made a week or so ago, and they were fantastic), and various cookies.  I’m making them all ahead of time to judge both their feasibility for mass production and their respective yumminess; I don’t want to give goodie gifts that aren’t, well, good.

I also don’t expect to lose any weight this holiday season….


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One response to “Quick Hit: Trial Run

  1. I wouldn’t lose any weight this holiday season if I lived anywhere near you.

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