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Ten Things Tuesday

Joe, over at JoeMyGod, posted this story about Dorothy’s ruby slippers.  At the end of the article, he asked, “What would be your most desired piece of movie memorabilia?”  Let’s be clear that I don’t necessarily want to own these things, but here are some pieces and props from films (and television) that captivate my attention or imagination.

(*note* – the links are also the image credit references)

1.  Hermione’s time turner.  This is actually something I wouldn’t mind owning, even if it doesn’t manipulate time.

2.  The tiara that Arwen wore at the coronation of Aragorn in The Return of the King.

3.  The wardrobe in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

4.  The noisy cricket from Men in Black.

5.  The alethiometer from The Golden Compass

6.  The still in M*A*S*H

7.  The cuts in Sons of Anarchy

8.  The pensive from Harry Potter (actually, I could probably do a TTT of just Harry Potter props without breaking a sweat).

9.  The Audi from I Robot

10.  Wallace’s sword from Braveheart


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