Quick Hit: She’s BAAAACK!!

My blogging buddy, formerly known as NurseExec but who has newly  adopted the moniker of BossNurse, is back after an extended blogging hiatus !  You can see her blog here!

I’m very much looking forward to having her voice in my chorus again, and I beg you all to add her to your readers so you can give her community and support, as well.


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One response to “Quick Hit: She’s BAAAACK!!

  1. Laurie B

    I’ve been to see her and have added her back. Yippee!

    A side note, I bought a new set of stovetop pans made in the USA by Regal Ware Worldwide. A nice set of pans and skillets of various sizes that work very well on the glass cooktop stove. The handles stay cool no matter how much heat I’ve been cooking with and the pans all have a nice “no drip” edge. The pans (but not the skillets) can go directly into the oven. I will always use my Crueset deep cast iron kettles for stove top browning and searing and then into the oven for hours of braising. The American ware can do that but hey, nothing says cooking like heavy lovely pans. The Regal Ware is nice but not really heavy and I haven’t tried it in the oven for five hours but I do think it would stand up to the test. Caphelon set looked nice and is probably worth the price but was really a lot more money and I’ve really liked the set of pans I bought. Isn’t nice that you get some new cookware? What a treat for you both.

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