Ten Things Tuesday

It’s that time again!  Here are some things I’m asking for for Christmas.

1.  A quantity of Vanilla Honeybush tea from Teavana.  I’ve become quite enamored of this stuff, and drink it literally all day.

2.  Circle scarves.  I never got into the scarf craze, but I’m loving the cowls.

3.  iTunes gift cards.  I’m not as interested in buying music as I’ve been in the past, but I’m absolutely loving the ebooks.

4.  Cooks Illustrated 2000 Recipes cookbook.  I really like Cooks Illustrated and, until a few years ago, I would buy the year’s worth of magazines bound in a book.  I heard a piece about this collection on Fresh Air the other day, and I would like to have it.

5.  New cookware.  Mr. Chili and I have decided that, in lieu of trying to find “big” gifts for each other this year, we’ll go out and get a nice set of cookware instead.  I’m thinking All Clad, perhaps, or Calphalon.  Our pots and pans are in sore need of replacement.

6.  New towels.  We’ve also decided to restock our entire towel collection, which is ratty and frayed.  We’ll wait until after the holiday and hit all the good sales.

7.  I really want the DVD of Ken Burns’ The Civil War.  I also want the most recent season of Sons of Anarchy, but that won’t be available for a while.

8.  The last season of Justified isn’t available yet, either, but it will be on January 3rd.

9.  I’m not expecting it, but I’d really love a radio system that will work with my phone.  That’s the only thing about Mr. Chili’s new(ish) car that makes me jealous; he can work his phone by talking to his car.

10.  I’m kind of hoping that some of my students give me pens, Post It notes, and chocolate.

What’s on YOUR list?



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4 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I can’t think of anything. Just having my little family around is enough.

  2. My students have been asking what to get me, which I think is weird, but I tell them that they see what I use and what I like. Post its, pens and chocolate just about covers it for me, too.

  3. needsatimeout

    I want knee socks, a thermos and a lunch bag, I too want towels but and I know I sound strange for saying this I don’t like the big fluffy kind I feel like I never get dry, I want the “rough” towels Oh I also asked my MIL for a roaster for the counter like a Nesco. I told her gift cards to the movies would be great as well. They always use to “but what do you want for yourself?” when I would mention giftcards but I explained I want dates with my husband and this is a great way to get them.

  4. New riding boots- I haven’t had a new pair in 8 years. And I’ve never had boots given to me as a gift. I think it would make a nice change.

    The Last Unicorn graphic novel- the art is just beautiful

    My fence up and ponies home

    Enough LED ligh tbulbs for all the recessed lighting in our new house (there are 4 dozen) – Or just some LEDS to put in to the recessed lights

    For all the other little things that need fixing at our new house to just magically happen and not cost me anything. Wishful thinking, I know.

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