Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things that are making me happy lately.

1.  Since I’m finished, for the moment, with reading for school (we’ll start new novels after the holiday break), I’m melting into Diana Gabaldon’s newest novel, The Scottish Prisoner.  The book takes place in the span where Jamie and Claire are separated by time during the third novel, and true to my experience with all her other stories, I have fallen easily and comfortably back into the lives of the characters.  I’m actually using the book as a treat – I promise myself an early bedtime for reading if I manage to get through X number of items on my must-do list – and, as a consequence, I’m highly motivated.

2.  I’ve found a sublimely rich and consistently delicious fudge recipe that I’ve really gotten the hang of.  So far, I’ve made four batches (if we don’t count the first one that failed because I tried to speed the cooling process), and right about now, I’m fancying myself a master of the art.

3.  Our christmas tree is gorgeous, and it makes me happy to catch sight of my favorite ornaments glinting in the light.

4.  The presents I really wanted to get for Mr. Chili, his brother, and my sister arrived in time.  I was worried that they wouldn’t, but they did, so my christmas morning confidence is restored.

5.  Ed, my mechanic, makes me happy.  My little Puck is currently under his care, getting her oil changed and her tires checked and her insides cleaned.  The batch of fudge I made last night is intended for him; I’m not sure he recognizes how dearly I hold him.

6.  I am still high on fermat’s gift.  We just became facebook friends, as well, and I’m very much enjoying getting to know him.

7.  Bruder arrives tomorrow night.  Every year, he says that he might not come to New England for christmas, but every year, he comes anyway.  I love my brother-in-law very much, and his presence is part of what makes my holiday right.

8.  I get Friday off.  The girls have to go to school.  That means a whole day to myself to get done all the last minute, can’t-do-it-with-the-girls-around things that I have to do.

9.  Christmas music is making me happy, and that’s unusual.  I’m not a big fan of the stuff; I mean, I don’t mind hearing it in stores, but I don’t play it in the house (unless it’s the actual day) or have a christmas CD in my car.  This year, though, I’m kind of liking what I’m hearing.

10.  I’ve been steeped in a general feeling of gratitude lately – for my life, for my situation, for my job, for my friends and my family.  I am acutely aware of how good I’ve got it, and that is definitely contributing to my general sense of wellness lately.  I hope you are this happy.

SO!  What do YOU have to be happy about?



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10 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. timberdawn

    I’d like to be happy (!) to receive the new to you sublime fudge recipe. . .

  2. I filled last weekend with live Christmas music and friends. It was definitely the way to go.

  3. Dudley

    Mrs. Chili’s recipe for molten chocolate babycakes. Those little cakes brought a smile to my face a few days ago 🙂

  4. timberdawn, give me a little time; I’m going to update the cooking blog with the best of the recipes I’ve worked this holiday season.

    Dudley, did you make them?

  5. timberdawn

    Ah, thanks! I did go there first to look before my previous comment. Snowing here today on top of an inch of ice, so somehow making fudge just sounded good, doncha’ know.

  6. Dudley

    I did make them. They were yummy

  7. Okay, timberdawn; go look – I posted it for you (but I’m at work – shhhhh! – so I didn’t post a picture…)

    Dudley, aren’t they AMAZING! They’re my go-to dessert when I want to impress people.

  8. What are you listening to for music?

  9. Improbable Joe

    Happy? What’s that? 😛

    As long as my wife’s happy, I’m at least neutral. Throw in some good beer, some good food, and the love of nearly a half-dozen pets (yes, that many!) and I’m usually pretty good all year round.

  10. Laurie B

    Above all, thanks to you all, I am greatful.

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