Happy Solstice

Today is the winter solstice.  It is the shortest day of the year and the longest night, and marks the point in the Earth’s journey around the sun where, at least in my part of the world, the days start to grow ever longer (though, sadly, it’ll be a while yet before they start to get any warmer).

For as much as we gather together and celebrate on the 25th (mostly because that’s what everyone else is doing), I really do consider the solstice my holiday.  I like the connection to the rhythm of the Universe, I like the feeling of stillness and hush as we pass through the darkest point and slowly, steadily make our way back into light.  I like the feeling of connection to the ancient; the understanding that those before us knew, almost instinctually, that there was something special and important about this day.

So happy solstice to you.  I wish you peace and stillness, and certain knowledge in the rhythm of the Universe and your place in it.

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9 responses to “Happy Solstice

  1. Blessed Yule to you and yours Mrs. Chili. This is also a night when many churches hold a “longest night” service to honor the dark times in our lives. Many people feel lonely and become depressed at this time of year, so go out there and let people know that you care.

    If I may be so bold. The homeless and unemployed, the hungry and scared, the LGBT youth and other minorities need to know that out of the darkness comes the light. As you remember these people tonight take a moment and honor them.

    If you are able, make a donation to a charity of your choice. Or volunteer. This holiday season is a time of anticipation and hope. A small guesture means so much sometimes.

    • In fact, fermat, my colleagues and I got together this afternoon to pool resources to provide a christmas of sorts for one of our students. She’s living in the group home in town, her mother has utterly rejected her but refuses to release her to the system so she can be placed in a foster home, and she’s guarded and distant and angry, but we can all see that’s just defense mechanisms for her. We managed to get together about $200, and the director’s going to the mall to get a gift card and some earrings for her. I’m also planning on bringing a plate of dinner to her at the group home on christmas afternoon – I would totally have brought her home for the day if I were legally allowed to. We’re doing what we can where we are, and my dearest wish is that it keeps rippling outward.

  2. Improbable Joe

    Happy Monkey to all, and to all a good… whatever it is you enjoy, who am I to judge?

  3. Other than getting presents, the solstice is the only thing that makes this time of year special to me.

    Of course I was being facetious about the “getting presents” part. I like getting things for others and watching them smile. I have more crap than I need, and getting more crap to try to put somewhere isn’t what rocks my world. Happy Solstice to you.

  4. Improbable Joe

    Oh, and speaking of happy, how’s this one strike you?


    • Joe, I saw this in the news feeds this morning, but couldn’t find a picture. WOOT, is how this strikes me; it’s about fucking time. Now, if we can only move to a place where stuff like this isn’t front page news…..

  5. We watched a recorded episode of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” last night. The family being helped was a non-traditional one. Three sisters who had apparently had not-very-good druggie parents, who eventually died (I assume of drugs), were taken in by a single woman who was unable to bear children. She was the volleyball coach at their school. I was so touched by the idea that this woman would take in three sisters to keep them together, and to try to provide them with a decent life. It was a mother’s day show, but it was new to me, so I’ll think of it as a seasonal show.

    I wish I could do something as wonderful.

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