I Don’t Know Why Shit Like This Continues to Surprise Me…..

Really?  No; REALLY?!



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7 responses to “I Don’t Know Why Shit Like This Continues to Surprise Me…..

  1. Improbable Joe

    Well, you know… when all you have is hate and more hate, all you can do is spew this sort of stupidity. Just think: Palin was the Republican choice for VP, and one of these idiots gets a shot at the White House next year.

  2. Let’s not forget the GOP dipshsit (Wisconsin Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner) who called Mrs. Obama a fat ass today. Of course he “apologized” (a word without detectable meaning in the political world). If the jackass had any decency to start with he wouldn’t have said it, and, lacking all decency, his “apology” is pure hypocrisy.

  3. Me again. I have been wondering, in an idle sort of way, whether some philosophy has developed in the world, and maybe particularly in the political world, which has it that you never, ever, agree with an opponent about anything, and always and ever decry your opponent at every chance. Sort of like “never give a sucker an even break.” Never quit sending out negative messages. It doesn’t matter about the topic. Personal appearance? Fair game. Attire? Fair game. Family? Fair game. In the political realm, constant niggling about insignificant things furthers at least two major goals.

    The first goal is that you want, over time, to instill in whatever the audience is as much negativity as possible about your enemy. Keep that favorable rating down. Make sure that, to the extent you can do so, you promote the idea that the opponent is “other,” “not one of us.” It surely doesn’t hurt, of course, if the opponent is visibly “other,” but never directly go there, that’s already in play.

    The second goal is papering over areas of agreement. No political advantage can be gained by highlighting what everyone agrees about (not that there’s so much left of that, come to think of it). Don’t let the impression get out there that it really doesn’t make much difference who is in charge of things. Never admit that all that government does amounts to rearranging the deck chairs. It is hard to make out a good vs. evil case if you can’t paint a picture of a yawning chasm of difference between you and your opponent.

    I know I’m rambling. I think reading Mr. Romney’s statement this morning that pulling the troops out of Iraq is a “major failure” on the part of President Obama got me started. Romney thinks we should have persuaded the Iraqi “government” that keeping 10,000 to 30,000 troops on the ground was the better course. I assume, and maybe I’m wrong, that Mr. Romney meant that troop strength should be pretty much permanent.

    I don’t know.

    • Actually, Gerry, I think you DO know. CV and I were just talking about something similar to this the other day (though our conversation regarded the Navy kiss and about how, were we in charge of such things, we would paper the frickin’ COUNTRY with that image and all the positive things it represents). You’re on to a key concept here, and the more we see through it – both individually and as a collective – I think the better off we’ll be.

  4. Improbable Joe

    Funny, because I was having similar thoughts. It feels like the goal is to stir people into being “all hate, all the time”… and the target of the hate is almost irrelevant. It isn’t “we’re angry at X because of Y” as much as it is “we’re angry, and therefore X should be condemned. I guess Y is as good a reason as any?”

    It is all othering and scapegoating and drumming up fake persecution and victimhood in order to strengthen in-group unity, for the benefit of the leadership.

  5. What gets me is how blatant both sides are about the hypocrisy. It’s like they have given up completely on credibility. Like the Christmas card, you don’t have spend more than 60 seconds on the Internets finding out that Fox is mocking something that their own team and own company has done in the past. Right and wrong is decided simply by who does the action.

  6. needsatimeout

    Why oh Why did I watch this right before turning in for the night. I am all “fired up” no and that probably wont help the already racing mind I have the night before Christmas when I have zero zip zilch gifts wrapped.

    I just don’t understand how people (from any party) people in general can be so mean.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas anyway peace and good cheer!

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