Whatcha Doin?

It’s been a busy but thankfully productive day.  I got some shopping done early (the last I plan to do for this season!), I’ve done a bit of cleaning (but not nearly all that needs to happen before Sunday), and have gathered all the ingredients for the holiday dinner (including a ginormous piece of beef that’s camping in the garage which, in accordance with the season, is doubling as a refrigerator).

I’ve put together a big ole pan of mac and cheese for tonight’s dinner, and I’m planning on attending farewell drinks with some work buddies to simultaneously celebrate and mourn Bob’s finding a new job in Florida.

Tomorrow will be cleaning and wrapping and pre-cooking, all with a background of christmas music.  See you then!



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5 responses to “Whatcha Doin?

  1. Improbable Joe

    Well… have a merry happy holly jolly weekend!

    We’re done and hunkered down and brewing beer and making soup and trying to stay warm and dry. Good times!

  2. Finished making two loaves of coconut raisin bread pudding and just came back from my brother’s Christmas dinner. Tomorrow, up at 5 for work, then two services in the evening: one solo at one church and with the choir for the 11 pm service. Bed by 0030 hrs on Christmas day, with Christmas dinner at 1 pm with my parents. Then a joyous two days off before I have to be back at work again!

    Mrs. Chili, wishing you and your family a happy Christmas!

  3. My Honey and BlueMoon worked all day making goodies for tomorrow’s feast. NewMoon and I did auxiliary work, like errands, cleaning up, and, most importantly Staying Out of the Way. I introduced NewMoon to the pleasures of the animated short videos on Vimeo. We played catch with flavored tennis-type balls we got from the pet aisle at the grocery store, with Doodles getting the benefit of the used balls. We played hide and seek with a stuffed gorilla holding a coke bottle BlueMoon named “Poppy” for some reason. We had a casual supper of baked brie, french bread, and meatballs (made for tomorrow, but there were plenty). I love this kind of day when we are all together.

  4. Laurie B

    Joy and love be to you all, and to all, more joy and love. What else could there be?

  5. Joe, warm and dry sounds perfectly lovely. I hope your weekend is stuffed full of contentment.

    Fermat, what’s for dinner?

    Gerry, I wish *I* was there with you.

    Joy and love, Laurie; that’s what it’s all about!

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