Kitchen Elf

There are a zillion things I love about hosting Christmas at our house.  I love not having to GO anywhere.  I love being in my own home, where everything is comfortable and familiar.  I love the energy of being here – the new vibes that get created every holiday mixing with the solid, steady frequency that resides in this place I share with people I love.

In addition to all that, though, there’s the food.  For all that I’m nearly undiluted Scots, I suspect that there must be a strong shot of Italian or Jewish mother in my DNA, because I love to feed people I care about.  One of the ways I show my affection for people is to cook for them, and Christmas dinner gives me a particularly good excuse to go all out and make a production out of it.

Despite the grandness of the meal, though, the preparation is not at all stressful.  In fact, most of the food is prepared the day before, which makes the actual holiday both easy and enjoyable.

Today, I’ll be putting together a pan of mushroom linguine for Bruder (who isn’t down with the whole prime rib thing – more for us!), a batch of creamed onions, a mushroom-onion-green-bean casserole (I’m making this one from scratch; I caved and made the white trash version for Thanksgiving – I’ll have the recipe on stupideasy in a few days), and a pan of glazed carrots.  I’m also going to put together some creme brulee (because it makes Mr. Chili happy) and a flourless chocolate cake (because it makes me happy).  I’ll put both recipes up as soon as I can.

I’m happy in the kitchen.  I feel competent and confident there, and I love the feeling I get when I nourish and delight the people I care about.

I wish I could invite you all to dinner.



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2 responses to “Kitchen Elf

  1. Improbable Joe

    Can you email me a pizza roll?

  2. It sounds like the menu of love. Much love. Enjoy your day spent in the heart of the home.


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