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Boxing Day

I’ve come to love the day after Christmas just as much as the day itself, for Boxing Day is the day when my dear friends, the Wayfarers, descend upon Chez Chili for brunch and fellowship.

The younger girls wander off to conspire while the adults stand around the kitchen (why do humans love to stand around the kitchen?) and chat as breakfast-y things are prepared; usually waffles, though this morning’s offerings were pancakes, courtesy of Mr. Chili – Wayfarer Papa having informed me that the main focus of the meal is, of course, the syrup, so the vehicle doesn’t matter much-  and yummy, thick-sliced bacon.

I treasure this tradition, which, I believe, is on its 6th or 7th year by now.  I see these friends rarely, and I’m always happy to be in their presence.  It’s my dearest wish that this will be a tradition that we’ll continue to carry on; it’s in integral part of what makes my holidays special.

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