Ten Things Tuesday

A “Whole Lotta Nothing” edition:

1.  Gerry (formerly known as TwoBlueDay) is writing again!  Go here and be part of his chorus.

2.  Suzanne (aka Mama Wayfarer) came to visit yesterday and, while we were chatting, she brought out a gorgeous cowl she was crocheting as a gift for someone.  Since I’m currently obsessed with cowls and circle scarves, I insisted she teach me how to make one of my own, which led to an impromptu trip to a Michael’s to buy yarn and a crochet hook.  Of course, I can’t do ANYTHING the easy way, and I purchased yarn that just wasn’t going to work for a first project (it’s lovely and soft and fluffy, which makes discerning where the stitches are damned near impossible).  I may have solved the problem, though, by borrowing circular knitting needles from Mother Chili; I’ll report back.

3.  Even though I balk at the idea of “resolutions,” I’m kicking around the idea of a few really important ones this coming year.  I need to let my thinking about it marinate a bit more (good thing we’ve got a few days left until the turning of the calendar!) before I commit, though; if I’m going to do these things, I have to know that I can really DO them.

4.  We’re planning to see a movie today, but we’ve not settled yet on Mission Impossible, Sherlock Holmes, or Tintin.  I’ll report back.

5.  Today is latkes at the O’Mama household!  I haven’t seen my friend in too long.

6.  Today is also dinner with Auntie and The Girl, which I’m VERY much looking forward to.

7.  It just occurred to me that I need to update my Chili Reads list for this year; I’ve got a bunch of titles to add, but I don’t know when I’ll have time (certainly not today; see items 4-6) to do that.

8.  Despite the crazy-hectic that has been happening in my house these last three days, the place looks amazingly not-destroyed.  This surprises me.

9.  That being said, there ARE little bits of severed leaves everywhere as the boys keep running their iPhone helicopters into the houseplants.

10.  We need to take our family picture before we take our tree down.  I need not to forget to do that!




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6 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Let me know what you decide to go see. I will meet you at the theater. I kinda want to see MI (3 or 4?)

  2. What a wonderful idea. Combine weed eater twine with a helicopter to make yardwork a game instead of a job.

  3. I love the vacation sound of your post. I hope you enjoy the movies. I’m going to see New Year’s Eve tonight. Unless the weather gets bad.

  4. Carson, we went to see Tintin. It was good, but as I’m not as familiar with the books as the rest of my family are, I think I got less out of it than they did.

    SW, I don’t know about how effective this would be for grass-mowing, but for tree and shrub pruning, it would be tops. My poor houseplants have been given significant haircuts in the last three days.

    Kwizgiver, report back, would you? New Year’s Eve intrigues me, but I don’t know if I’m willing to go to the theatre to see it…

  5. needsatimeout

    I asked for some movie gift cards for Christmas because I love to go to the movies with my husband but it’s so expensive. His birthday is Friday so we are thinking about taking in a movie although we aren’t sure yet. I am doing a whole lot of nothing on my vacation as well. I did watch The Help today while my husband was at work and yesterday we watched Larry Crowne and of course I thought of you.
    Enjoy your time I am not big on resoultions either and my house does look destroyed =(

  6. As for your reading list, I think you should read Little, Big WHICH I GAVE YOU! But no pressure, of course.

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