Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Learning to crochet.  I’m not delighted with my freshman efforts.

Punkin’s having a date with her new boyfriend in the family room.  They’re watching a couple of holiday movies. So far, they’ve knocked off The Muppets’ Christmas Carol and The Santa Clause.

The boys are working on helicopter missions.  Their first was to start at the edge of the dining room and land on the table.  Mr. Chili’s first attempt did not go well.



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4 responses to “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. Not to brag or anything but I can almost land anywhere I want now. I can fly from room to room too.

  2. Too funny! I bet they take their missions very seriously.

  3. “…there were no survivors.”

  4. Don’t worry, with practice, I’m sure you can become very crochety!

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