Quick Hit: Calvin Wisdom

I know I’m NOT perfect the way I am, and though I know I’ll never reach perfect, a big part of my practice is to continue to strive for the best self I can attain.

Much of my thinking as of late has been centered on how I can forward some of my goals and aspirations.  I expect to put some of that thinking here in the next day or so.



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3 responses to “Quick Hit: Calvin Wisdom

  1. While not claiming to be perfect, I do agree with Calvin’s view of New Year resolutions. Ptoooey!

  2. Darci

    Oh goodness…I had to put this on FB. This is has been a heated topic of discussion as my 18 yo daughter deals with a best friend who is “perfect”, or so her parents feel.

  3. needsatimeout

    I put this on facebook early this morning!

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