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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately – as I am wont to do right around the solstice and the turning of the year – about ways in which I can tweak my habits and behaviors to more closely align with my energy.

You see, I am a true believer in the limitlessness of our beings: I know for sure that we can be or do or manifest all the good we could ever handle, but that we haven’t figured out yet how to stop sabotaging ourselves to get it.  I know that I’m my own worst enemy; I have it in me to be infinite, yet I weigh myself down with unnecessary things and find excuses not to allow myself to express my highest and best self.

I also understand, though, that for all that we CAN change in an instant, we tend not to.  We (and I count myself among us) have far greater success in making changes to ourselves, our environments, and our energies when we take baby steps; smaller changes maintained over time become the habits that lead us to where we want to be (or, and sadly more often, to exactly where we don’t want to be).

That being the case, I am resolving to do one thing every day.

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That one thing may be cleaning out a drawer or walking for an hour or finally getting round to sewing the button on that damned blouse.  That one thing might be taking the stairs or donating old clothes or sorting through email files.  It may be taking a half hour to sit still and quiet, it may be rearranging my desk, or it may be making plans to spend a dinner with friends.  I don’t think it really matters what that one thing is, just so long as one deliberate, demonstrable, measurable thing happens every day.

So that, Dear Readers, is Mrs. Chili’s New Year’s resolution; this year, I am going to do (at least) one thing every day that makes my life cleaner, healthier, prettier, friendlier, and more satisfying.

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(Do me a favor, would you, and ask me, every now and again, what my one thing was, just to keep me honest.  Today, I’m very productive; I’ve already cleaned out the cereal and bread cabinets in the kitchen – the tea drawer is next – and I’m planning on tackling my desk, too.  I’m kind of getting a jump on the “one thing” idea and trying to get as much done as I can while my motivation holds out.)


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