Daily Archives: January 7, 2012

Quick Hit: Chilly Chili

My beloved and I went skating today (because Punkin’ didn’t want us going skating with her and her boyfriend this evening).

When I was Punkin’s age, I was a competition-level figure skater.  I gave it up for a couple of reasons (that were really important to me at the time).  I think, if I actually had regrets, one of them would be not keeping up with the sport.

This is the first time I’d been on skates in 2 years – and that time, 2 years ago, was for about 40 minutes going around the rink.  Before that, the last time I’d really skated, I was about 14.

Not too bad, I’d say; I didn’t fall down.  The frustrating part is that my brain still knows how to jump and spin and be fluid and graceful on blades.  My body, however, seems to have forgotten all but the most rudimentary basics.


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