Birthday Love

Today is Kizz’s birthday!  Go on over and wish her happy.

There is so much about Kizz to love.

She is wickedly funny and is one of the few people who can make me literally laugh out loud in an instant message conversation.

She has a kind of laser-guided bluntness that, while profoundly useful and productive, sometimes catches me off guard.

She is clear and articulate about the things that she thinks are important, and some of her writing about women’s issues have helped me to clarify my own views.

She knows what she likes and is able to express her admiration and affection to others in a way that makes them feel it, too.

She is mindful and aware of her own self, and is actively working to understand, appreciate and, where applicable, improve herself.

I am celebrating another year with her in it.  Kizz, I hope this year rocks your socks, and that you get all the good things you can possibly  handle.



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5 responses to “Birthday Love

  1. kizzbeth

    C, thanks for the kind words.

    Gerry, you’re the one person who chose to comment here and this is what you chose to say. Step back and take in how that looks. On the flip side, thanks for the invaluable present of reinforcing the hard choices I’ve had to make.

    • I’m sorry you took my little quip amiss. I was riffing on the football player in the short lived Xtreme Football League who put the name “he hate me” on his uniform. I know my style of banter and attempts at humor never struck you as appropriate, and I accept that. Just know I’ve been a good friend to mrschili and she to me, and there must be something good at work there.

      • kizzbeth

        Let’s be clear, I never called into question your friendship with her. I suppose there might be a case to be made given that she wrote a lovely little piece to a friend to whom you aren’t close and you saw a button you couldn’t help but push. I didn’t make that case, though.

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