Quick Hit: Toeses in the Snow

Dropping cats into snowbanks is a long and treasured tradition in the Chili household.  Don’t feel too badly for old Toeses; he got a healthy dose of cream for his troubles.

The bit you didn’t hear Mr. Chili say was “it SNOWED today!”  It takes a second between when I hit the start button and when the phone starts recording.  Sorry ’bout that.


Also?  Here’s Chez Chili in the snow.  Pretty, no?



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8 responses to “Quick Hit: Toeses in the Snow

  1. Improbable Joe

    Shorts and T-shirts here, at least for me. Everyone else is too weak to handle the comfortable mid-60s weather.

  2. M

    I really enjoy how the cat is just like “nope, this isn’t for me, thanks, I’ll just come back inside now”.

  3. That’s one of the most adorable cats I’ve ever seen. He’s very dignified about his snow hatred.

  4. needsatimeout

    So funny that your husband put his foot on Toeses.
    No snow here yet in CT little flakes but nothing like last year.
    We did have some sleet,snow,rain here yesterday and ended up with a 90 min delay for RAIN.

    • M, “Nope!” That’s about the attitude of every cat we’ve ever dropped into the snow. I was disappointed that he didn’t do his usual feet-flicking thing…

      Kristi, it’s funny, but I’ve never really thought of Toeses as “dignified.” I suppose, given that he didn’t freak out, he did handle that particular bit of affectionate abuse with aplomb.

      TimeOut, Toeses was about to bolt into the house – and onto the wooden floor – with his snowy paws and belly. Mr. Chili wasn’t thinking ahead; usually, when he drops cats into the snow, he’s got a towel ready to receive them so we don’t have to wipe up the trails they leave trying to get back into the warm and dry…

  5. I had a cat once. Loved to play in the snow.

    Your house. Very Currier & Ives (or something).

  6. needsatimeout

    Oh Mrs. Chili
    I know a bit off topic but wanted to contact you and share with you I am reading a great book and thought you might enjoy the book if you haven’t read it already. The Reading Promise http://makeareadingpromise.com/

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