I Work

I work to forward the Dream. I teach students to think and question and engage; I raise ethical, compassionate children; I stand up for those whose voices are ignored or derided; I make my spaces safe and welcoming for those who need, and I challenge those who would marginalize, demean, or injure others. I am aware of my place in the world, and the fact that my one, small voice can make a difference.

How do YOU forward the Dream?



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3 responses to “I Work

  1. I am becoming more convinced that he also would stand and defend the rights of gays and lesbians. I have been putting some time into this topic of late. I could be wrong. But in my gut, I do not think so. Black folks have become more closed minded as they have reached middle class status. It seems that many have forgotten struggles regarding identity and civil rights. This is of great concern to me.

    • Carson, I wonder if that closed-mindedness you worry about comes from the same place that inspires the “I got mine; you’re on your own” brand of heartless conservatism we’re seeing today.

      What is it about some people that lets them close themselves off from the struggles of others once they themselves reach a place of equilibrium? Is it, do you think, a failure of parents and teachers to raise/teach children in an environment that remembers history (accurately!) and teaches that what one has isn’t so much a consequence of one’s status as a “good” person so much as it is luck and the efforts of those who came before us? How do we adjust the way we look at others and think about ourselves so that we can get back to the humanity that lets us recognize that we ARE our brothers’ keepers?

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