Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I’ve seen on the internet that I’ve thought worthy of noting:

Indeed.  Given what my whackadoodle legislature is trying to pull off, I’d say that 2012 is going to see some big changes around here.

I’m trying to learn how to do this more effectively

I love the irony of this (and the pretty font)

Something else I’m trying to work into my life practice…

… and this is why I’m working so hard to really define my friend parameters….

And the open minded spoke up a bit more (and a bit more enthusiastically) than they do…

This is true, especially around grading time…

I need this button.

I WILL NOT be a bystander

I just wish it weren’t always such an act of faith….

*all images, except for the Einstein image, which came from the being liberal facebook page, were found on various Pinterest boards



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2 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Yup, I pretty much agree (my concentration level at the moment is too low to allow me to speak more definitively).

  2. I had to forward the “Be Fucking Polite” on to my daughter, after i stopped laughing.

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