They’re Baaaack….

Remember, a couple of years ago, I got the clear and distinct impression that the front door lock needed to be changed before I went on vacation?

Yeah; they’re at it again.

For the last two weeks or so, I’ve been getting this low-level, persistent message that I need to get some small, transportable valuables out of the house; my mother’s diamond ring, my wedding pearls, our passports, that sort of thing.  The tone of the impression is, “if you’d be pissed to lose it, move it.”

I promised I’d always listen, so I commissioned a box (I had brought a lot of those things home after I closed the box at our old bank, which was costing me an exorbitant amount in fees every year).  I am not crazy about the idea that my home may be a target for robbers, but I’m feeling better knowing that, if it does happen, the culprits are not going to make off with some of the things that are precious to me.



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5 responses to “They’re Baaaack….

  1. Laurie B

    Oh, those damned nagging voices, if we don’t want to listen to them over and over and over again, all we really have to do is be involved and be proactive. Hindsight isn’t always 20/20, sometimes it’s a rearview mirror of “wish I woulda’s”. You are a good listener, glad you heard your own great advice.

  2. Oh freaky! I hate those feelings, but I know to listen to them too.

  3. Ditto what everybody else has said. I hate that feeling but I listen now, too.

  4. s parker

    follow the instincts-even if they’re wrong, you’re only out what, $25 a month?

    • Oh, good lord! WAY less than that. The bank that holds our mortgage leases the smallest boxes (the size I need; I never understood the people who rented coffin-sized safe boxes…) for about $45 a year.

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