It’s coming down to shit like this, People; it honest to God is.

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I want to see outrage from the “right.”  I want someone to come out – preferably someone who’s run at the mouth about how little respect and decency “liberals” deserve – to stand up and loudly proclaim that shit like this cannot be allowed to happen.

Someone, ANYONE, please explain to me how this is even remotely okay.  Then explain to me how the disrespectful rhetoric – coming mostly from the “right” – didn’t create an environment where someone decided that this would be an appropriate way to send a message.

Then explain to those babies why their kitty is dead.



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8 responses to “Indefensible

  1. Improbable Joe

    If this is real…

    What do you expect? What do you really expect when you have a political faction that considers disagreement to be treason, and that hints at committing crimes against political opponents as casually as normal people change their socks? And of course, these assholes call the years-long pattern of harassment and terrorism from their side “isolated incidents”… all coming from one group of people, all directed at the Fox “News”-assigned enemies.

  2. I’m so appalled that this happened in my home state. I’m embarrassed that there are people in a town that I damn near grew up in that would do something like this. It’s reprehensible. Those poor kids. That poor cat.

  3. I was in a small shop not all that long ago. Some political news was about (I cannot remember what, but it was front page enough at the time to come up in conversation). I mildly expressed a view to the proprietor that not all people agreed with his view about the subject, and he became scary angry, perhaps not directly at me, but that such people (which he, of course, immediately dubbed “liberals”) even could be allowed to live and speak in our great nation. Those crazy “conservative” Republicans are scary.

  4. Improbable Joe

    Crickets, right? Can’t find a single Republican who will go on the record that murdering innocent animals is wrong? What a bunch of creeps.

  5. Brandon

    Do you mean crickets as far as comments go on this blog post go, or crickets from Republicans on a state/national level? The Republican candidate’s campaign in this particular race did denounce the violence, which I would generally expect them to do, since many people will automatically assume that the campaign, or someone affiliated with it had a hand in it. Beyond that, it’s also the decent thing to do considering how horrible this act was.

    But I don’t see why any other Republican would necessarily have to make some kind of statement over this, given that they aren’t responsible for what happened. That responsibility rests solely with the twisted individual(s) that killed the cat. No environment or political rhetoric made this possible, just like it wasn’t crosshairs on some Sarah Palin flyer that was responsible for the shooting of Gabby Giffords. Hopefully the police will be able to make an arrest in the case soon.

  6. Improbable Joe

    BTW, a good book on the subject is “The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right”… Neiwert even spells out the extremism apologia/rejection of human civilization that Brandon is engaged in, the whole “it is isolated, no one is responsible for anything, we all live in a complete vacuum from one another” that is the hallmark of right-wing terrorists.

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