Quick Hit: Quiz

A friend of mine sent me a link to this quiz.  Even feeling like crap, I still got all 13 questions right.  It seems, though, that a perfect score has only been attained by 8% of the people who took the quiz by phone.

It scares the shit out of me that 92% of people can’t answer these questions correctly….



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9 responses to “Quick Hit: Quiz

  1. I didn’t remember the prime minister of Britain. 12 out of 13.

  2. I got ’em all, but don’t consider it strange, or bothersome, that people might miss some of them.

  3. Me again. For example, I hardly consider it a necessary bit of knowledge for anyone to recognize the face of Steve Jobs, or Sotomayor, or the fed guy. I’m more concerned that people in the US should know the function of the Supreme Court, and what the Fed is, and things like that. Facts, not faces or personalities.

    • Agreed, Gerry, but if we can’t eve manage the little things like faces and personalities, can we reasonably be expected to know the bigger, more important things? I’m not sure there’s a correlation, but I feel like there should be…

  4. I also missed the British Prime Minister’s name. Interesting quiz, though. Thanks for posting the link.

    Hope you’re feeling much better soon!

  5. Improbable Joe

    I’m 100%, and I’m less disturbed that only 8% got all the questions correct than by the fact that 30% got five or less.

  6. snap

    I feel pretty good that I got 100% and I am Canadian…

  7. I missed 2, but one because I apparently didn’t click correctly, so not TOO bad.

  8. MJ

    I’m 17 and I got 12 out of 13 questions correct, which is supposedly better than 83% of the public.

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