Falling off the Wagon

You know what they say about the road to Hell, right?

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Yeah, well, I stopped listing my Do One Thing thing about a week ago because… well… I’d stopped DOING my One Thing.   So, in honor of getting back on that, my One Thing for today is to forgive myself for forgetting to do my One Thing(s).  I’m going to extend that forgiveness to giving myself a pass on the blogging about the One Thing, too; I’m going to just list the days I missed it as a group, ‘fess up to not doing it, and move on.

This whole “treating yourself as you would a beloved friend” thing is kind of hard, but I like it…


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One response to “Falling off the Wagon

  1. Laurie B

    Well , Chili,
    I sometimes know what I want to say, I just don’t aways have the words. Show me a day when the world wasn’t new, well, now we’re talking. All we can do is try to understand it and work towards some answer each and every day. The first lesson is try. Try to be present, try to understand, try to relate. You do all of that so well.

    You’ve set some mighty high cross bars there for yourself and all of us. If we each do that “One Good Thing” in whatever way, well, good things would happen. Of course they would, but you know, some days, best I can manage is that my one good thing is not being such a snarky prescence for friends that allow me into their lives. That might mean something as mundane as not commenting on Fb.

    This also isn’t about your upping the bar for yourself, you’ve set that bar plenty high already. It’s really more about your welcoming in that “taking time off to be a human being tending to herself” thing. Your “One Good Thing” might very well include “find my own place, my hearbeat, my rythym, my loving and sleeping well place, and Gosh! Don’t I love my friends and how much I miss them and I really want to spend time with them so will invite them for dinner sometime soon”. That all just creates openess in your heart and also in your loving brain thinking.

    So, you tell me about what would be so very wrong about our collective mindset that taking some time for self care is a punishable offense? You’ve already done one good thing for yourself today, you’ve taken the time to consider what moves you and drives you. Your friends love you, you don’t have to drive that love. Take care of you and they’ll all love you more the better. Your well will be filled with love.

    Then again, I am not a parent of teenaged girls. You’ve got a boatload of crap and no doubt, are doing the best you can with it.

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