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Nearly Wordless Wednesday

There’s a humdinger of a storm at in New England (NOAA’s saying 12-15 inches of snow between tonight and Friday morning). As a consequence, Mr. Chili has rebooked my flight home. Instead of flying home tomorrow (into the teeth of the storm), I’ll be coming home on Saturday after things start to settle down up north.

I miss my family, but I’m much happier being here (where it’s warm) than worrying about my flight being delayed or canceled or about a terrifying trip through the storm. I’m with people I love and who love me; I’d say that under the circumstances, this is the best possible scenario.

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Quick Hit: Another Blue Door

Quick Hit: Another Blue Door, originally uploaded by mrs.chili.

Shopping with Mimi and BlueMoon in Winter Park (while it snows at home)…

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Ten Things Tuesday

The Travel Edition:

1.  I never go anywhere without my pillow.  It’s kind of silly, I know, but I make no apologies; I sleep better with my own pillow, and I’m willing to sacrifice some of my suitcase space to bring one with me whenever I’m away from home.

2.  That being said, I’m really not very high maintenance.  Being in Florida for three days meant I brought changes of clothes, a bathing suit (which I may never have occasion to wear), some walking clothes and sneakers (which I DO hope to use for early morning walking workouts around Gerry’s neighborhood), and a pair of sandals.

3.  I also brought my electronica; my phone and my iPad.

4.  And a couple of paper books to augment the electronic ones on the aforementioned Pad.

5.  I really don’t love flying.  I mean, I love getting on a plane in the cold and getting off in the warm with practically no time in between, but the bumping and bouncing doesn’t thrill me.  I think I need to spend more time with my neighbor.  He’s a pilot and loves to fly; perhaps he can talk me out of my nerves.

6.  I got up this morning and took a walk around Gerry’s neighborhood.  The development is configured perfectly for walking, and I got a good 45 minutes in before anyone else woke up (in fact, as I write this, I’m still the only one in evidence in the house).  Tomorrow, I’m going to add a couple of loops into the trip; I needed a tiny bit more distance than I got.

7. I’ll be seeing Bob (aka DUDE!) for lunch today. I’m looking forward to seeing my friend again (though I fully intend to give him a hard time for moving away…).

8. I chatted with Mr. Chili a bit before I left for my walk (and he left for a half a day of work – it seems The Eye is fixed on him and he can’t take a full week off with the girls. Not that it matters to them, really; I’m betting he can go to work every day until about 11 and they’d probably not notice he was gone, but I digress…). He told me that I may have to stay an extra day (THE HORROR!) because we’re expectng some yucky weather on Thursday at home. I’ll be crushed if I have to stay here (in 80+ sunny degrees) to avoid snow and ice… really…

9. I’m trying to decide if I want to go to Epcot while I’m here. My crew has made no plans for me and are completely amenable to anything I want to do, but the truth is that I don’t KNOW what I want to do. I think we’ll just wing it.

10. Traveling always make me ruminate about home and what home means. Whenever I go anywhere, I wonder what it would be like to live there; what would our house look like, where would we work and shop and meet new friends? I do this even when I’m traveling with my family, so this isn’t a “Chili traveling on her own” sort of thing, but as I was walking around the neighborhood, I wondered how different our lives would be if we lived anywhere but where we do. What would I miss, and what would I be just as happy never to have to deal with again (*cough* snow! *cough* 30 degrees and below! *cough*)?


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Monday Quick Hit: Traveling

I’ll be headed for the bus in a bit.  From there to the airport, then to a plane to wing me to Florida to be with chosen family for a couple of days.  My bag is packed (and will have to be checked because the TSA can’t countenance my 4.5 ounces of sunscreen, the bastids) and I’ve got a couple of books (boo, hiss; the videos my beloved uploaded for me won’t synch to my iPad… I have no idea why) and some snacks in my carry on.  Plans have been made with Mimi and BlueMoon to retrieve my butt from the airport this evening and thence to dining!  I can’t wait!


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Quick Hit: Plateau

This is the second week in a row I’ve maintained my weight.  I’m happy I’ve not gone up, but I’m disappointed I’ve not gone down.

I’m exercising several times a week and am keeping pretty meticulous track of my caloric intake, so clearly I need to do something different to break through this barrier.  Any suggestions?


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Six Word Saturday


Downloaded two audiobooks for my trip.

I’m really digging having three daughters.

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Quick Hit: Tangled

It was ADORABLE.  I’m totally buying this on DVD.

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