Viciously Disrespectful

Last spring, my friend Kizz got some flack for writing that we, as a nation, are viciously disrespectful of people with vaginas.  Cries of “overreaction!” and “hyperbole!” were thrown her way, sometimes obliquely, sometimes directly.  I stood in strong defense of her assessment, however; just because we as a culture don’t practice female genital mutilation or honor killings, that doesn’t mean that we value women here, either.

Well, that premise – that women are looked at more as things than as human beings – is being reinforced yet again in the latest dumbfuckery over the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s (entirely political) decision to de-fund Planned Parenthood.  While a lot of other people have spoken far more eloquently and comprehensively than I shall here, suffice to say that I’ve not been a fan of the pink ribbon marketing machine for a long time, and I’m very, very glad that this outfit is finally getting the kind of critical scrutiny it’s trying so hard to deflect today (and let’s be clear here that Koman has NOT walked back on their decision to de-fund Planned Parenthood; they just changed their rhetoric to try to get millions of angry Americans off their case).  It’s about time more than just a few of us understand that they’re not in it “for the cure;” they’re in it for the money.

Can we please all take a collective step back, though, and realize that this brouhaha is just another in a long and bitterly spectacular list of offenses against women that play out day after day in this country?  There’s a full on war against women: women’s reproductive care is under constant and relentless siege; cuts – often drastic ones – have been and are being made in aid to low-income women and children; the repeal domestic violence laws in Kansas was a special high point in this nasty little battle, wasn’t it?  Let’s not forget attempts to pass so-called “personhood amendments” in several states (which could potentially have the effect of making most forms of birth control illegal) and that, despite such measures having failed in Colorado and Mississippi, the campaign to put them on ballots this year is on full-force.  I’m also intrigued by the efforts to change the definition of rape and to alter the legal term for a woman who’s been raped from “victim” to “accuser” – the list goes on and on and on.

Would someone on the “right” like to try to explain to me, please, how any of these initiatives – which have been aggressively and enthusiastically pursued by Republicans across the country over what must certainly be far more pressing issues on their agendas – do anything at all to help us as individuals or as a nation?  Why are they so hot to deny women basic health care?  Why are they so hot to make women carry their pregnancies to term, but oh, no, no; we can’t be giving handouts to women who just have more babies!

Can someone please tell me what is it about women that these people hate and fear so much because make no mistake about it; they DO hate women.



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5 responses to “Viciously Disrespectful

  1. kizzbeth

    I know there’s no way to get the answer to this but I wonder if they “reversed” their ruling because of the public outcry or because of the 2 or 3 people within the org that resigned or threatened to resign and they didn’t want that knowledge released into the wild. A lot of the crap they’re selling is toxic and potentially cancer-causing, the pink gun is fucking laughable, and so much of that money doesn’t get to research and patients. I haven’t donated to them in a long while and now I feel as though I won’t have to spend so much time explaining that to people. This Nancy Brinker woman is dangerous, I don’t want to be anywhere near her.

    I know you’ve been busy this week, don’t know if you saw that I’m going to donate some money to PP and to Think Before You Pink and that’s dependent on how many photogs enter the FUCK CANCER photo challenge. Everyone’s welcome!

    If anybody asks, I still stand by that viciously disrespectful assertion.

  2. I was never able to independently verify the pink gun mess, but it was plastered all over the internet (not that that gives it any legs, but still…)

    Did you get the picture I uploaded for the FUCKCANCER event?

    Oh, and “viciously disrespectful”? I not only stand by that assertion, but I use it in public every chance I get. Whenever I start to talk about these kinds of issues – whether to friends and family, students, or complete strangers – I lead with “viciously disrespectful. It’s become one of my phrases. Thanks for that.

  3. kizzbeth

    I remember seeing the picture but can’t remember where you posted it. When I read stuff on my phone I get lost. Apparently Komen denies getting any benefit from the gun sales:
    It does seem as though they’ve sent a cease and desist order to the group, which is nice since they sued other breast cancer charities who used the phrase “for the cure” in their literature and press.

  4. Improbable Joe


    I used to lump the misogyny of the Right with their general sociopathic tendencies, but over the last year or so I’ve re-thought my position. It seems clear that there’s a cultural hatred towards women that goes above and beyond their base level contempt for humanity. After all, when Democrats look to compromise, one of the first things they do is throw women’s issues under the bus… which isn’t really a left-right issue since today’s Democrats are basically 1970s Republicans.

  5. I suppose you’ve now seen Ron Paul’s decision to refer to a distinction between kinds of rapes? That is to say, according to Paul, we have rapes and “honest rapes.” I don’t know what that means, and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know.

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