I’m Just Here for the Food…

I mean, yes; I’m very pleased that my Pats are in the big game, but really, the Super Bowl is just an excuse to eat yummy but oh-so-NOT-on-the-plan foods.

I put together a recipe of spinach artichoke dip this morning.  The quantity of that recipe is such that I split it into four equal portions, freeze three of them for later, and stick one in the oven to bake and bubble (the stuff freezes like a dream and microwaves quickly and well enough for the impatient, but it’s better, I think, done in the oven).  That’ll be scooped out with tortilla chips (regular for the fam, whole grain for me) at the start of the game.

I’ve got a crock pot full of barbecue beef that’s been simmering since last night, and we’ll break into that somewhere around the second quarter.  My family will have sandwiches on bulky rolls; I’ve roasted a spaghetti squash and will top a big pile of that with the yummy, saucy meat.  I’ve got veggies to go with the sandwiches, but it doesn’t take a psychic to guess that we’ll be siding our dinners with chips.  It’s Super Bowl Sunday, after all; this is no time for zucchini (and besides, isn’t there spinach in the dip?  THAT’S a veggie, right?!).

Finally, I’ve got a pan of chocolate chip brownies ready to go into the oven.  I’ll pop those in while we’re finishing dinner so we can enjoy them, warm and gooey, as soon as they’re cool enough to handle.

It will be nice if the Pats pull of a win to redeem themselves after the last time they met the Giants in the big game,but win or lose, I’ll end today happy (if not a bit over my calorie allowance for the day).

Go, Pats!

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4 responses to “I’m Just Here for the Food…

  1. Improbable Joe

    I’m not watching the game, but I’m drinking some of the home brew. 🙂

  2. How were the chocolate chip brownies? I am so jealous !!!

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