Quick Hit

Tuesdays and Thursdays are busy for me, and since I kinda did my “thought for Thursday” in yesterday’s Wordy Wednesday, I’m copping out and posting this; it’s germane to our discussion on Wednesday, so I’m running with it.



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2 responses to “Quick Hit

  1. The Right always have a handy “parade of horribles” when change is in the air, don’t they? Funny how none of those “horribles” ever refer to people starving, or suffering/dying without medical care, or anything else concerned with actual human suffering. The Right is big on “conceptual” suffering. They just can’t sleep at night if something, somewhere, that causes them no harm at all, is happening.

    Freaking Puritans. Puritan nightmare: somebody, somewhere, is happy without their permission.

  2. Actually, what’s amazing is their ability to rewrite history to place themselves on the correct side. If you ask a conservative about interracial marriage, they claim to own Doctor MLK – going as far as to say he would be one of today’s Conservative stalwarts, despite all evidence to the contrary. They claim to be on the correct side of suffrage as well. They turn the word Progressive on its head and believe that Fascism has been redefined by one of their own pundits. For them nothing retains value, or definition. They are the schoolyard punk claiming, “I didn’t say that.”

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