Is This a Fight You REALLY Want to Have…?

Alternately titled: An Open Letter to the “Right”*

For starters, I have no idea how to address you.  You don’t merit a “Dear” and you CERTAINLY aren’t “Gentlemen,” but since I’m too nice to call names, let’s just say “To Whom it May Concern” because, well, you know who you are.

Enjoy all this power and attention while you’ve got it, because it’s not going to last long.  Based on your behavior (and the behavior of those you loudly and enthusiastically support), it has become increasingly clear that you’ve dropped all pretense of trying to be civil, or decent, or even human.  Your interests lie with those who are most able to put you – and those who think like you – into positions of power, and your sole motivation, it seems, is to stay in those positions, regardless of who you have to rape, maim, or kill to do it.

Do you even HEAR yourselves?  Do you understand what it means when one of you says that in HIS day, “they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptions. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.

Really?  No; REALLY?!

Look; I understand – even if you don’t (and trust me; I’ve been listening – really listening – to a lot of you, and you really don’t understand) – that you’re scared shitless.  You’re terrified that you’re going to lose your privileged status at the top of the pile; that if everyone’s equal, no one will be special and, up to now, you’ve been the special ones – the ones who got the education, the ones who got the jobs and the money and the pensions and the voting rights.  You’re the ones who got the mobility and the respect and the choices.  If everyone gets those things, you might actually have to earn what you get.  If everyone gets those things, you might actually have to share.

Tough shit.  Get used to the idea, because it’s coming; mark my words.

I would suggest that you think – long and hard – about whether or not this culture war bullshit is a fight you really want to have, because I’m telling you this right now; you WILL lose.  That is not a threat; it’s a promise.  Your efforts to drag our society back to the good old days of subservient gals and obedient Negroes and silently closeted gays are going to result in the decimation of your party and the shame and humiliation of both the leaders who advocated these draconian ideals and the followers who blithely voted against their own interests when they voted against their neighbors’ rights.

Make no mistake, People; you, with your narrow, frightened little minds and your hatred and bigotry and smallness all wrapped up in a cloak of patriotic self-righteousness, are starting a fight you will not win.  You’re pissing off a LOT of people, and though we may not have the money or the media machines behind us, we are legion.  We aren’t going to lay down for you.  In fact, if you keep this shit up, we’ll be coming for you.

Don’t think we won’t.


*(I NEED to come up with a new name for them – they’re NOT right…)



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6 responses to “Is This a Fight You REALLY Want to Have…?

  1. I wish that I had your confidence that the bad guys are gonna lose. They have become expert marketers of their evil ideas, whipping up enthusiasm in people who fear change, and will, literally, kill to keep things the way they never were. Against contraception? Really? Keep in mind you reactionary idiots, your daughters are going to be doing the nasty no matter what hypocritical pseudo-religious claptrap you preach. They ain’t gonna hold that aspirin between their knees.

  2. Improbable Joe

    You’re totally not finding common ground here.

    • Yeah, well, I tried to remedy that in my next post… I’m not sure how well I did, though; I’m pretty hyped up about this….

      • Improbable Joe

        Why would you split the difference between the correct position and its polar opposite? Seriously, that’s the point I keep trying to make until I’m blue in the face: some positions are just 100% wrong, and the people who hold them shouldn’t be taken seriously.

        Or, would you prefer the sort of mock objectivity of “scientists say earth is round; others disagree”-style statements? There are some, maybe many, issues that are on a sliding scale. I would like to see a much higher top tax rate. Some people would like to see 100% past a certain amount, others would like to see as close to zero as they can get without the infrastructure collapsing to the point that the nukes launch themselves as the entire interstate highway system collapses into a continent-wide sinkhole. There’s plenty of wiggle-room and negotiation between those two extremes.

        I don’t think there’s really very much wiggle room when it comes to basic human rights. There’s also a very real issue of hypocrisy from a group of people who constantly to the point of tedium complain about government interference when it comes to regulating businesses and workplace safety and a thousand other things that affect profits, but who want to at the same time micromanage the basic biology of individual women who behave in ways that they don’t approve of. So when I speak ill of the Wrong Wing, it isn’t because we’re in a fair disagreement over issues where there is room for debate. It is because they are crossing a line into violating the basic human rights and freedoms of other people.

        It is because they are hurting people. To me, there’s little difference between their activities, and just walking up to the people they hate and smacking them as hard as they can.

  3. Joe, I’m not trying to split a difference – do you see that as what I’m doing?

    I guess what I’m getting at is the idea that I need to know that I can articulate an argument – even if it’s one that is so obvious as to be ridiculous – to my own satisfaction. Stamping my foot and calling people names (even if they deserve it) isn’t really how I roll; I want to be able to say that I thought critically and covered my bases, even if the other guy doesn’t.

    In this, I stand on the side that says those who are trying to dictate what services and products others can access are 100% wrong. If I don’t own my own body, I am a slave to someone – my husband, the state, the church – and I WILL NOT be a slave, nor will I allow my children, my students, or my fellow sisters be slaves.

  4. Improbable Joe

    My position is that it is important to articulate your position as best you can, while also understanding that there are people who you can NEVER satisfy. Those are the people who I reject, and who I think YOU think I reject unfairly.

    I was online earlier today discussing Young Earth Creationists, who reject almost all of modern science in favor of a 19th Century “Biblical literalist” viewpoint. The creationist said “scientists can’t answer my questions” and my response boiled down to “yes, because your questions are nonsensical!” The specific thing I said was along the lines of:

    He asks “How could the moon be made of green cheese, if there was no cheese-maker?” Well, the moon ISN’T made of green cheese! We’re not arguing from the same set of assumptions, so there cannot be common ground when I’m on Earth and the other person is on Barsoom!

    So… I can back up everything I say with facts. I don’t see why I need to do anything but try to make an emotional appeal with someone who believes that they can claim their own set of imaginary “facts” as the truth.

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