Monday Quick Hit: Traveling

I’ll be headed for the bus in a bit.  From there to the airport, then to a plane to wing me to Florida to be with chosen family for a couple of days.  My bag is packed (and will have to be checked because the TSA can’t countenance my 4.5 ounces of sunscreen, the bastids) and I’ve got a couple of books (boo, hiss; the videos my beloved uploaded for me won’t synch to my iPad… I have no idea why) and some snacks in my carry on.  Plans have been made with Mimi and BlueMoon to retrieve my butt from the airport this evening and thence to dining!  I can’t wait!



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3 responses to “Monday Quick Hit: Traveling

  1. needsatimeout

    Have a wonderful time.

  2. Of course I, twoblueday, chose to go to a concert with my brother and leave Mrschili to the tender mercies of my Honey.

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