Thought for Thursday: Oddly Satisfying

It seems that this vacation has been one of happy discovery.

On Tuesday night, for example, it was decided that dinner would be taken at an Indian restaurant. I’ve never been a huge fan of Indian food myself, and it seems that Gerry’s brother is of a similar opinion. When BlueMoon told me about the plans to go to this restaurant, though, she said she had her own hesitations the first time she went, as well, she being not particularly fond of curry. She assured the nervous eaters that there would, in fact, be yummy choices that we would find palatable, and she was absolutely correct. Though I likely won’t go out of my way to eat Indian food, I now know what to order if I find myself in such an establishment again.

Yesterday, Mimi, BlueMoon, and I ditched the boys to do some chi-chi shopping in Winter Park. Mimi was particularly interested in going because there were two shops she wanted to visit; a spice and tea store and a place devoted entirely to the sale of olive oil and vinegars.

The spice shop I could see, but an oil and vinegar store? Really? I admit, I found myself having a hard time working up enthusiasm for that place.

Can you see where this is going?

Yeah; I walked out of the store having purchased four bottles of the stuff. BlueMoon talked me into buying a blend of butter- and garlic-infused oil (granted, she didn’t have to work very hard) and the mushroom and sage oil was just too yummy to pass up. I also added a bottle each of lemon- and raspberry-infused white vinegars to my basket, and I am already dreaming of the yummy things I’m going to do with them when I get home; I foresee a couple of impressive chicken dishes in our futures.

I have no idea what we’ll do for the rest of my stay (right now, we’re partaking in some sloth and idleness while BlueMoon catches up on some work), but regardless of what the days bring, these two unexpectedly satisfying experiences are enough to convince me to go along with whatever happens; it’s been really good so far.



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4 responses to “Thought for Thursday: Oddly Satisfying

  1. Just a reminder, if you care: National Grammar Day is this Sunday, March 4.

  2. Lily, it should be MONDAY! In fact, I may move the day myself. In FACT, I may declare next week “Grammar Week” at school…

    Alan, chi-chi shopping involves ridiculously high-end shops where normal people can’t afford anything. It’s really less of a shopping experience than a browsing one. I found a cute top in one of the stores, but the price tag was $215 dollars. I didn’t think it was quite so cute after that…

  3. Got it.

    Around here chi chi’s are boobies so I was wondering if you were going out bra shopping or hitting the strip club. =)

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