Ten Things Tuesday

I am a hyped-up bundle of seething rage lately.  I continue to be astounded by the things that people are willing to say and do to other human beings.

Instead of steeping in it here (trust me; I’m good and marinated as it is), I’m going to direct you to Kizz, who’s done an admirable job of sifting through the vile and hate, providing us with some important links to some important issues.  I beg you, go and look (just steel yourself first; maybe pour yourself a drink before you click over…).

Here, then, I’m going to post ten things that have given me hope over the last few weeks; things that have buoyed my confidence that we’re not on an express bus to the Dark Ages and that maybe, just maybe, the smart, kind, and compassionate won’t get crushed after all.

1.  Look at all the men (NOT in riot gear) in evidence at the protests in Virginia over the weekend!  I’ll keep saying it; abortion and contraception are NOT just women’s issues…

2.  As of this writing, 34 advertisers have withdrawn their business from Rush Limbaugh’s show.  I suspect that number will continue to grow, as the man has declined to modify his rhetoric, asking today what was with these “over-educated, single women.”

3.  I have found someone else to admire.  Connie Schultz is articulate, passionate, and spot-on.  This segment from the Rachel Maddow show got to me.  She’s right; they’re coming after me and MY daughters.  That shit does not fly.

4.  I’m loving when people are calling out the hypocrites and enablers.

5.  I’m also kind of loving Terie Norelli right about now.

6.  Some of my students, particularly my older ones, are starting to wake up and realize what’s happening in the public sphere.  A few of them are coming into my classroom huffing and sputtering at the outrage of it all, and it pleases me to be able to have meaningful discussions with them.  What’s more, I often try to take the opposing point with them, which forces me to think much more critically about my own positions.

7.  George Takei exists.

8.  Some judges are starting to stand up against unjust laws.

9.  Jon Stewart exists. “To people who are upset about their hard earned tax money going to things they don’t like; welcome to the fucking club….You know what? Reimburse me for the Iraq war and oil subsidies, and diaphragms are on me!”

10.  Gay marriage is catching on.



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4 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Well done. Been saying much the same myself. As a man standing up for women, I feel it is my duty to call out the truth as you do. Keep it up.

  2. I think that much of what angers us, in the vein discussed in this post, is a deliberate attempt by some folks just to make us weary of it all. Some days, in my case, it’s working.

  3. Matt, thank you. I need the encouragement; right about now, I’m feeling pretty disheartened.

    Gerry, I don’t think you’re wrong. What’s the term? It’s like being pecked to death by a duck?

  4. Who do we thank for George Takei existing? ‘Cause I’m ready to make a cake, I just need to know where to send it.

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