Quick Hit: I NEED These!!

Such a thing EXISTS!?



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7 responses to “Quick Hit: I NEED These!!

  1. Improbable Joe

    You almost want to kick your own ass for not thinking of it first, right?

  2. LOL @Improbable Joe!

    Are they available in the US yet?

  3. dang it, wish I had thought of that.

  4. Needneedneed!!! If you find a source, please share!

  5. I would like to get them preprinted with my business name and number for my holiday mailing this year.

  6. L B

    Well, the website says they’ve raised enough money already but I’ll go in. If we all split the cost with some generic logo or just plain. Price break is horrendous. They know how to run a business at least and I’d like to support them but can’t do it alone. I’d like to buy 250 for my local library too but spare money only goes so far in any given year. What an amazing thing though? Who wouldn’t wan’t dozens just for fun?

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